Classic Reliability Trials

Tests of both reliability and ruggedness on difficult terrain – are famous for their demanding combination of long-distance sections between tests and (usually) steep hilly sections on muddy, rocky and slippery tracks or lanes.

Two of the most famous events – the Exeter Trial and the Land’s End trial – start outside the Westcountry and converge on some of the most famous sections in trialling, Simms, Crackington and Blue Hills to name but three.

March’s Torbay Trial is a classic reliability trial qualifying for the ASWMC and ACTC championships; these events run within one day, with much less mileage on the public road but using many of the longer trials’ famous sections.

Points are awarded for climbing ever higher on the observed sections, some of which involve stopping and re-starting under the watchful eye of marshals who mark their progress and register the points scored.


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