If you wish to become involved in motor sport, but not as a competitor, there is no better introduction than marshalling.

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The Challenge

Marshals are essential in motor sport and all events need them to run. Marshalling takes you to the heart of the action, helping to ensure that events run safely, within the regulations and efficiently.

In all forms of rallying, marshals play an essential role in the timing and fair application of the rules and penalties; at times it may seem like a thankless task (especially standing ‘in the middle of nowhere’!) but you will be the backbone of the event.

As a marshal you are covered by the MSA Master Insurance Policy for your peace of mind.

The Solution

Licencing schemes exist to give a progression through the various grades of marshalling responsibility although this is advisory rather than compulsory. If you only wish to marshal on a casual basis you will always be welcome. Training courses are held throughout the year – primarily by the regional association, the ASWMC – and if you are licensed you can progressively upgrade your status through these events.

At Torbay Motor Club events, novice and absolute beginners are given a guided half-day introduction to a marshal’s duties and responsibilities before taking up station on a live trackside ‘post’ in the company of experienced colleagues.


In time marshals often progress to other responsibilities, either in a role for the club or by training under the MSA’s scheme for officials, such as Clerk of the Course, Steward or Timekeeper.

Lastly, marshalling has a very strong ‘social’ side, and numerous lifelong friendships are forged from regular attendance at events.


2015 Marshals Prize Draw

For the first time, Torbay Motor Club will thank its volunteer marshals in 2015 by awarding free entries to an exciting motor sport related prize draw. Volunteers who marshal at any two 2015 Torbay Motor Club events will receive two free entries to the draw; they will also receive an additional entry for every other TMC event at which they marshal during the season. So, the good news is that the more events at which you marshal, the greater your chances of winning a prize.

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