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The club promotes two weekend Autocross events each year, both rounds of the ASWMC Autocross Championship, contributing to the discipline’s strong regional revival in recent years.

These popular events are held on large arable of fields in various locations in East Devon.

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Autocross dates back to the early 1950's, when clubs organised timed runs around a course in a farmers field. Taunton MC were the first club in the country to organise a series of Autocross events, in 1954, and they scored another ‘first’ in 1959 with the awarding of the first permit to run a British National Autocross event.

The sport attracted plenty of interest and the ASWMC Autocross Championship was initiated in 1963. During the 60's and 70's the sport was at its peak, attracting between 2 to 3 thousand spectators at regional events to watch entries of up to 80 cars.

Autocross events can run up to four cars side by side, usually two, but one at a time if conditions are very dry and dusty. Each competitor is timed individually, but to record that fastest time you need to beat the competitor alongside you into the first corner and then stay in front!

Track conditions can change rapidly, so constantly adjusting driving technique to gain the best traction is key to achieving a fast time. Circuit lengths are typically about 1000 metres long and with 3 or 4 laps per run, plus the practice runs, somewhere in the region of 12 laps or more are possible at each event.

You can compete in Autocross from the age of 14; with a Motorsport UK Interclub Competition Licence and basic safety equipment - fire resistant overalls, gloves, crash helmet and a fire extinguisher - you can take your everyday car and have a go.

Classes for cars include Standard Road cars, Rally cars, Lightweight Autocross Cars and ‘Specials’. It’s advisable (but not essential) to bring your car to events on a trailer - this is an ‘off road’ sport and parts can break. Autocross enjoys a great spirit of camaraderie and support amongst its followers, and with the fun factor and a hefty adrenalin rush it’s a type of motorsport that’s hard to resist.


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